Is Wearing a Mask With Asthma a Good Decision?

wearing a mask with asthma

Is wearing a mask with asthma a good idea? Many asthmatic patients ask whether it is safe for them to wear a face mask as a control measure of Covid-19. If you are one of the people anxious to know whether it is safe to wear a face mask, this article is for you. 

Requirement for one to wear a face mask increases as we live in the Covid-19 pandemic era. You should realize that it is not compulsory for people who are suffering from respiratory disorders to wear a face mask, especially if they find it difficult to breathe well with the mask, as said by Asthma UK

However, it is advisable for asthmatic patients to use a homemade cloth-made face mask other than the ones that are recommended by medical professionals. 

Wearing a face mask will certainly reduce the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. You must realize that face masks are not a replacement or substitute for social distancing. 

When the three efforts of wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing of hands are harmonized, the chances of reducing the spread of Covid-19 increase. 

When to Wear a Face Mask?

Wearing a face mask has become mandatory for everybody. It is ideal that you wear a face mask when you are present in an enclosed space such that observing social distancing is next to impossible. 

Also, it is ideal that you wear a mask when you are meeting people you do not always encounter. 

Schools have reopened everywhere, and learners and educators have been mandated to use face masks within the school environments. For an asthmatic patient, wearing a mask is not compulsory if it doesn’t allow them to breathe properly. 

Since social distancing cannot always be enforced in schools, the use of face masks is made compulsory. Whether you are in the classroom, communal area or passing through the corridor, you must always wear a face mask except if you are asthmatic patient. 

wearing a mask with asthma

Wearing a Mask with Asthma

Some people that have lung problems still do not have any problem using the face masks. Also, some people with lung problems found it difficult to use a face mask at first, but with time, they get used to it. 

You need to realize that face masks are not dangerous or have negative effects on the people using them. So, even if you are asthmatic, you might not be harmed using the face mask. You can get used to using it with time and with practice. 

However, some people having lung conditions reported that using a face mask triggered a sensation of the inability to breathe. Therefore, such people are not advised to use a face mask. If you fall into the category of people like that, you might have to stay away from face masks. 

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Also, the face mask does not increase carbon dioxide. Face Masks trap heat, and that is why some of them sometimes make your breathing uncomfortable. That means it might be more challenging to wear a face mask in hot weather or environment if you are asthmatic or have any lung condition. 

If you work in a cool environment or in places where air conditioners are plenty, you wouldn’t have much of a challenge using a face mask. This is not a factor of whether or not you have a lung condition. 

Your home is the ideal place for you to practice wearing a face mask. Getting started, you might not be comfortable with it at all. You shouldn’t be discouraged from using a face mask at home. So, use it for short intervals until you get used to using it. 

Using the face mask at home gives you the opportunity of trying as many face masks as possible until you get one that is most convenient for you. 

Lung condition doesn’t automatically exempt you from using a face mask, you should note. The only exception to that is if the use of a face mask makes your breathing almost impossible or difficult. In that case, you don’t have to wear a face mask irrespective of the condition.

What Face Mask Should Asthmatic Patient Use?

Well, no specific type of face mask is recommended for people with lung challenges. It is your responsibility to try out a type of face mask. However, you shouldn’t attempt to use face masks made for clinical purposes. 

People are discouraged from using clinical face masks so as not to limit the supply of masks to medical professionals. 

You can as well use a face shield alongside the face mask. Please note that wearing a face shield is not an excuse for not using a face mask. The reason is that face shields do not cover your mouth and nose properly as face masks would do.

The use of a face shield is advisable but not mandatory and is not a replacement for a face mask. You should ensure your hands are well washed before you wear the face mask. 

If you are comfortable with a cloth mask, you should wash it after each usage. For disposable face masks, it is important that you dispose of them properly and responsively. 

Consequences of Not Wearing a Face Mask

You might not be fined for not wearing the face mask if you find it extremely difficult to breathe properly with it. Yes, you might be publicly challenged by law enforcement personnel for not wearing the face mask.

 Some countries have made an exception card available to show and prove your exemption for not using the face mask. You should know that measures the government of your country has put in place as exceptions for this lung challenge. Now, comment below, is wearing a mask with asthma ideal?



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