How To Explain Anxiety to Someone?

How To Explain Anxiety To Someone

Anxiety is a mental state that is more than just stress or concern. It is a natural reaction to situations in which a person is under pressure, such as completing work deadlines, taking tests, or presenting in front of people. Anxiety is difficult to control because it is kind of a significant condition, making it difficult for a person to function in everyday life efficiently.

Anxiety and unpredictable occurrences permeate today’s world, affecting people of all ages and backgrounds. We should know how to explain our anxieties to someone to be able to cope with them.

Perhaps expressing our thoughts with others would help us deal with it. Still, the problem arises because everyone experiences anxiety in their unique way. Also, not all may have an idea on what is really going on with their lives.

Why We Get Anxious? 

Anxiety affects everyone at some point in their lives, but it can be a long-term problem for some. It is not always harmful, as several sensations can help us in the upcoming events like exams, helping us better prepared to improve our performances. Normal worrying feelings are normal considering the unpredicted events happening around us; but, excessive pressure can exhaust you and make it challenging to concentrate.

When we are under stress, our neurological systems tell our bodies to release stress hormones. These cause physiological changes to help us cope with the perceived threat or danger.

Now we have a basic idea of how anxiety works and why it is associated with everyone. We need to know how to cope with this issue, which can affect us mentally and physically.

Summary: Being anxious is deeply incorporated inside us; understanding how anxiety works helps us adopt effective coping methods.

How To Explain Anxiety To Someone

Admit, Deal, and Know How To Explain Anxiety To Someone

Anxiety is a sort of occasional stress, as previously stated; however, anxiety disorders are separate. They’re a group of mental illnesses that cause people to feel fearful and anxious. While discussing your mental illness with others can be difficult, but, it is vital. We have laid down three ways to help you know How to explain Anxiety to someone you want.

Can’t Explain? Compare The Past Experiences

Everyone who suffers from anxiety has had at least one disastrous conversation in past where the other person thinks they will be able to get out of it effortlessly. It is hard for someone who has never experienced anxiety to understand the problem. 

An excellent approach to explain anxiety is to bring something to the scene that listener has experienced before.  It can be similar to a big work presentation or asking someone out on a date. Try explaining with events or scenarios.

Explaining the Worst-Case Situations also can be effective. Even though your brain understands that it is not bad it is sounds, you might have to take something big to other person to convince about the situation that you are in. As said, it is not a cakewalk to explain and make someone understand about anxiety. 

Summary: By asking them about their stressful occurrences, you can use their past experiences to describe your feelings.

Describe How It Affects You Do Every Day

People without anxiety disorders cannot comprehend the situation of others stuck with it. So, it is better to illuminate them with step-by-step explaining your case:

  • The social insecurities: a call from an unknown number.
  • You are writing a team email.
  • You are meeting new people that you have never met before.

It may sound a joke for some, but the truth is most people do struggle even in straightforward situations like that. 

As an example, think you are writing a team email as part of your job-related work. Social anxiety and worrying about making a mistake (writing something you won’t explain later or using a confusing phrase) will cause you to read that email more than once—a small task but hard to achieve for many, affecting small everyday tasks.

A step-by-step explanation is more impactful than a dozen of abstractions because it assists the person you’re speaking with to realize how little anxiety terrors affect you every day.

Summary: Explain the most straightforward everyday task that causes you to have concerns that no one else has considered.

Trust Your Loved One To Help You

When considering how to explain anxiety to someone – especially to your loved one, think about how they can assist you in taking care of yourself and your mental health. People always try to help those they care about in whichever way they believe is best.

Still, it can be challenging to know how to help someone with anxiety because the person suffering from it is also unaware of what might trigger those feelings again. People that care about you will adore you even if they don’t always understand you at first. They’ll make it in the end.

Summary: Give a chance to your loved ones; they are the ones standing with you in every situation no matter what.


Anxiety can have a destructive impact on your life without a doubt. That is why it is critical to be open and honest with everyone and explain the situation. Try to relax; each time you bring your attention back to the present, you’re building a new psychological habit that will help you break free from the continuous worries.

Many people try to fight their sensations or deny how serious they are, and some even self-medicate to relieve their symptoms, but there is no such thing as a quick fix. Always seek expert help by following the correct steps and procedures to deal with your anxiety. Be open to your loved ones; they will never leave your sight.

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