How To Beat Sugar Addiction [Easiest Methods Explained]

How To Beat Sugar Addiction

Sugar cravings might derail your efforts to eat better or lose weight. If you are reading this, you are not alone in it. As many others are also exhausting to know “How to beat sugar addiction.”

Sugar plays a pivotal role in the human body ranging from stress to lack of sleep. It is addictive because the brain relies on glucose to operate correctly. In fact, sugar is one of the most addictive nutritional components in the food we consume . It enhances the flavor of foods and beverages and keeps our cravings fulfilled. Sugar can increase attention to detail, attitude, and energy levels. When we ingest more sugar than our bodies need, it is stored as glycogen in the body as a fuel reserve. 

Following a meal, carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, giving an instant energy source to the body. Excess glucose gets stored in the liver or converted to a fatty acid with the help of insulin. It will then be distributed throughout the body and stored as fat in adipose tissue.

Why do we crave sugar? and How to beat sugar addiction?

Sugar cravings are nothing new to us; as evolutionary biologist of Harvard University Dr. Daniel Lieberman says, “Sugar is a deep, deep ancient craving.” Due to the scarcity of sugar, the sugar level in our ancestors’ diet gets balanced out. Contrary to that, most food nowadays is cultivated with excess sugar; we have biologically trained ourselves to desire more sugar-based foods. There can number of reasons why we crave sugar at any given time, and it is essential to know before we can beat this addiction. Therefore, we listed a few reasons for you to get a better understanding of how sugar cravings work.


  1.  Either didn’t eat enough or ate the incorrect foods.
  2. Consumed an excessive amount of carbohydrates while consuming insufficient amounts of fat or protein.
  3. You adopted a bit of a habit.
  4. You ate a lot of salty meals.

How To Beat Sugar Addiction

Sugar or white flour accounts for more than a third of the calories we consume today. Our bodies are incapable of dealing with such a large sugar load. Too much sugar may harm many aspects of the body, including blood sugar levels, teeth, and even the heart. So It is critical to understand that a craving is not the same as hunger, and to answer many, we outlined a few methods to tackle the issue of “How to Beat Sugar Addiction.”

Consume a Healthy and Filling Meal

Try to Eat three excellent meals and two snacks each day, or five small meals with food closer to its original form and contain less processed sugar. People having bad eating habits run into sugar cravings always due to their low blood level sugar. A desire coupled with hunger is a powerful urge that most individuals struggle to overcome.

Try incorporating fruits and vegetables in your everyday meals because they do not cause any metabolic issues in an average body with natural sugar. Starting your day with proteins, fats is the right way to stay active and healthy. Consume some good quality multivitamin and mineral supplements, as well as vitamin D3 and omega-3 fatty acids.

Summary: Eating a timely and balanced meal help you overcome your sugar cravings.

Keep In Shape and Give yourself proper attention

Exercise, dance, or do yoga. Do whatever helpful activity you like; it can help you reduce your sugar cravings and relax or increase your stamina. Going for a quick walk or jog outside will help with the craving temptation. Additionally, it will also release endorphins in your brain, which may help you manage your hunger more successfully and answering your question of “How to Beat Sugar Addiction.” 

Drinking a lot of water also helps because sometimes our mind tricks us into food cravings which is mere a thirst call from the body. When we are exhausted, we frequently turn to sugar for energy to help us get through the day. So we need to take pauses and sleep because sleep deprivation increases general appetite, leading to sugar, fat, or both desires.

Summary: Keeping yourself active and taking good care of your body will help you beat sugar addiction.

Things to follow

Our tiny daily habits have a significant impact on how our bodies react. As a result, by focusing on the small daily jobs, you may accomplish the many goals of overcoming your cravings. We’ve compiled a checklist that will assist you in your everyday activities.

  • It is a challenging task to stay away from sugar-rich snacks. Try to keep them out of your range, where you have to make some effort to get them. In that way, you may be able to divert your mind.
  • Stress can play a vital role in your cravings. Try to manage your stress by seeking a therapist or a nutritionist who can help you manage stress and successfully quit your addiction.
  • Try Diverting your attention by keeping yourself busy. It can involve games, talking to your partners, friends, watching movies, or reading books. In simple words, look up to something or try learning new things.
  • Remind yourself to read food labels and understand what you’re putting into your body. Examine the sugar grams and choose products with the least amount of sugar per serving.

Summary: We don’t always have to take giant leaps to get things done; a tiny step at a time with regular everyday progress will help you overcome your addictions.


Always Be truthful with yourself and understand that a slip is not the same as a failure. If you slip, don’t be too hard on yourself; brush yourself off and get back in the saddle. If you stick to the rules as described above, you might be able to enjoy a good life with control over your cravings. If still, you are facing difficulties, it’s always better to have the support in breaking a dependency on anything by seeking the advice of professional nutritional doctors.



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