Is Vitamin Water Good for you [Pros and Cons of Vitamin Water]

Is Vitamin Water Good for you

In recent years, vitamin water has become increasingly popular. Everyone knows that drinking water keeps you hydrated, and taking vitamins keeps you healthy. The mixture of both leads to a current craze of the nutritional world. As the name suggests, Vitamin water gets enriched with vitamins that come in different flavors for humans. But is the product of vitamin water worth the hype? Is vitamin water good for you? is it a better option than drinking plain water?

When it comes to nutrition, excessive usage always leads to bad health. Whenever something gets prepared artificially, pros and cons are attached to it. We have prepared a comprehensive guide for you in this regard.

What is Vitamin Water? 

Whenever we go to a store and open the fridge, we see these colorful vitamin water bottles stacked on the shelves. Vitamin water gets infused with vitamins (A, C, and E) and minerals. Minerals zinc and chromium, magnesium, potassium, and other nutrients also get listed on the Vitamin water label.

As a result, it’s not unexpected that some individuals want to gain additional health benefits by consuming vitamin water. As previously said, anything that is not natural has advantages and disadvantages. We’ve put together a list of a few for you below.

Pros of Consuming Vitamin Water

Vitamin water can be beneficial to your diet since it gets enriched with vitamins. It can fill in the nutritional gaps without you having to carry extra pills. Vitamin water gets enhanced with vitamins that our bodies lose during exercise.

Water-soluble vitamins are added to water to make the vitamins flow faster to different body parts. It helps to cut free radicals and regulates body temperature.

It also encourages people who find plain water boring to drink more water. Drinking this water may have anti-aging properties, besides the many health benefits. It would help if you always read the labels on bottled vitamin water. Make sure you buy according to your diet and vitamin intake.

Cons of Consuming Vitamin Water

Risks and disadvantages get pierced with vitamin water. Certain precautions need to get taken when buying vitamin water.

Is vitamin water good for you? Or is it just water sprinkled with vitamins and minerals? 

The reverse osmosis process gets used to make vitamin water. This process makes water mineral-free. It removes all minerals, including those that get dissolved through Nanofiltration or distillation. Vital minerals are essential for cellular health. Deficits in minerals present in freshwater can get caused by vitamin mineralized water. Also, when the demineralized water gets remineralized, it considers extremely low in calories.

Vitamin Water is not a substitute

Vitamin Water is not a substitute for daily supplement intake. Because vitamin water counts as water-soluble vitamins, and water-soluble vitamins do not stay. They eject from the body in urine form rather than the fat-soluble vitamins, which get absorbed by the body fats.

Not getting extra nutrients and filled with artificial sweetener content led to more harm and can disrupt your dietary goals. Vitamin water entails B and C vitamins which are generally available or rarely lacking in our regular diet.

When you get hooked with vitamin water taste, you’ll in no way be going back to plain water. Research shows that artificial sweetener leads to more sugar craving and also which encourages to gain of weight as well.  

When clean-eating makes you sick

Vitamin water gets enriched with vitamins, suitable for those who limit their diets other than overnutrition. When people are obsessed with clean eating, it becomes an obsession.

It can develop into an eating disorder and make you ill if taken too far. People tend to move more towards vitamin intake, and excessive led to disruption of cellular health. Over-consuming vitamin water led to more harm and detrimental health rather than benefiting your body.

So before buying, ask yourself twice that is vitamin water good for you? In addition, before making any significant dietary changes, consult a certified healthcare professional. Your body attempt to grab your attention through the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Is it worth the value to spend extra money on vitamin water?

Drinking ordinary water with supplements instead of demineralized water with supplements will save you a lot of money. When a patient suffers from certain deficiencies, the doctor never told the patient to buy vitamin water. When don’t doctors recommend so what’s the point of buying it?

Is vitamin water is better than plain water?

After weighing the above pros and cons of vitamin water, it’s up to you whether you’re willing to suffer a risk drinking vitamin water or plain water. Is vitamin water good for you? Artificial sweetener intake in excessive amounts lead to harmful health. Vitamin water is better than fizzy drinks, i.e., coke soda. Plain water nourishes your body and is better than vitamin water in many ways, as most vitamins are already available in a person’s diet.


Vitamin water looks good at first. You might feel more confident about yourself if you know the names of the various flavors. We all love the promise of Energy from our favorite brands but, It’s not essential. You should be more focused on regular vitamin intake in a healthy diet. Or, focus on better purchases like fat-soluble vitamins. They stay longer in your body. Instead of buying artificial sweeteners, drink more fresh juice. Vitamin Water is not the only option. Pure water and lemonade can also provide vitamins.

We don’t want to offend anyone or point fingers at one company. We tried to keep it accurate.  Vitamin water may look tempting in ads that are difficult to resist. We understand the hype surrounding Vitamin water. It seems like a miracle cure with their brilliant branding. But clever marketing alone doesn’t change one simple fact. It’s not good for you.

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