How to Remove Stains From Braces? [Detailed Guide]

How to Remove Stains From Braces

Braces are used if you have a defect in the growth of your teeth to correct the crookedness and fault alignments. How long a person needs to use the braces depends on the type of defect you have. During the period of wearing braces and after removing them, it is common to see your teeth discoloured because it is hard to reach through the services of the braces when cleaning, and you will want to know how to remove stains from braces.

In general, most used braces for 24 months up to 3 years to correct their defect, but it can also be less than 12 months. During the period an individual has the braces on, it is common to see stains forming in your teeth. Teeth discoloration is common to all of us, and that is caused because of the bacteria and the colouring available in the food.

You might have noticed how your teeth turn the yellowish end of the day, even if you brush your teeth in the morning. But, a person wearing braces might find it challenging to clean their teeth with the braces on, causing an extra buildup of plaques in the teeth. During the period of wearing your braces and after removing them, you might see stains, which can be pretty concerning because it can affect your appearance and might seem unpleasant. If you want to learn how to remove stains from braces, this article can help you. Keep reading to find out more.

How to Remove Stain From Braces?

As previously stated, teeth stains are common to all of us and are caused by the bacteria and colours in the food. But with the braces on, the effect is harder because it is hard to reach every corner of your teeth, causing an extra buildup of plaques. However, learning how to remove stains from braces can improve the pleasantness of your smile. In the following, we will give you a few tips on how you can get rid of stains from your teeth, regardless with braces or not, because it can help all of us.

  1. Teeth Whitening

Whether wearing braces or not, teeth whitening can be used in common to remove discoloration in the teeth. Though the toothpaste, used daily, has tooth whitening ingredients, it only removes mild stains cleaning your teeth. Tooth whitening is a deep treatment that comes in strips, gels, and laser treatments completed by cosmetic doctors or your dentist. If you purchase a teeth whitening product, ensure you take a dentist’s advice to know if it is suitable.

  1. Remineralization

During the period of wearing braces, there are chances the enamels get damaged in your tooth if you don’t take proper care. Enamel in a tooth is the thin layer of coverage, which can cause white spots when it is damaged wearing braces. Once the enamel is lost, it is impossible to recover it to its original state. Still, regular oral care can reduce the damage by minimizing sugar and dairy from your diet. Intake of vitamins and probiotics will help to stop the demineralization and remineralize your teeth.

  1. Alcohol-free Mouthwash

Another method everyone can commonly use to get rid of the discoloration in their teeth is an Alcohol -free mouthwash. Alcohol base causes extra plaque; hence using an alcohol-free mouthwash will helps with the plaque buildup. Use the mouthwash three times a day, keeping it for 2 minutes in your mouth and gargle.

  1. Composite Restoration

If your tooth is damaged wearing braces, the dentist recommends a composite restoration to recover your tooth damage. Composite restoration is the process of adhering tooth-colored resin to improve the colour and shape by making your teeth look healthy.

  1. Microabrasion

Microabrasion helps to improve the appearance of teeth by making them look pleasant. The top enamel layer is safely removed during the microabrasion process to correct the tooth colour using diamond or pumice. Microabrasion is one of the effective ways to improve the colour and remove permanent stains in your tooth.

  1. Dental Floss

Dental floss is silk thread recommended by the dentist to get rid of the food particles stuck between the teeth for places that cannot be reached through the brush. Dental floss is great for removing the plaque buildup in your tooth while wearing braces which can prevent stains from forming. Also, dental floss helps to reach between the Cervices in your braces and remove the food stuck between them.

What Causes Stains from Braces?

Every food contains bacteria that promote plaque build in your teeth, and some food contains colours which are hard to get rid of. But when you wear braces, you should pay more attention to what you consume because it is hard to clean your teeth with braces.

Apart from the food, if you are smoking with your braces, it is best to quit because tobacco, in general, will cause oral cancer, and nicotine and Tar present can build unpleasant brown stains in your teeth. It is also best to avoid any Alcohol based drinks because Alcohol includes a high sugar level and can quickly build plaque, causing tooth decays.

If you are consuming coffee and tea, it is better to minimize or avoid it because the increased tannin levels will leave brown stains in your braces. Reduce the amount consuming foods with artificial colouring like candies, toffees, soft drinks etc., as it can cause deep stains, which are not easy to remove with braces on easily.

How to Prevent Causing Stains from Braces?

It is essential to brush your teeth daily, use a string of dental floss to clean between the Cervices of the braces, and use an alcohol-free mouthwash thrice a day after every meal.


In the article, how to remove stains from braces, we have explored different topics to give you an insightful article. The article contemplates topics like what causes the stains in the braces and how to prevent causing stains from braces.

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