How to Get PopCorn Kernel Out of Your Throat? Try This!!!!

how to get popcorn kernel out of your throat

Getting a popcorn kernel stuck in your throat is the worst thing to ever happen during a movie night. Fret not, and remain calm since we are here to help you resolve the issue. How to get popcorn kernel out of your throat? 

There are a few ways you can try to get rid of the kernel that is blocking your ingestion pathway. Do not underestimate this problem. It may even lead to dangerous health hazards if not treated properly. 

So please do everything you can to get the popcorn kernel out of your throat before it starts playing games with your precious health. 

Without further ado, let’s get into it and learn a few days that would help you clear the issue. 

How to Get Popcorn Kernel Out of your Throat? 

If you feel an irritation or a feeling of hardness in your throat after eating some popcorn, you probably have gotten a kernel stuck. 

The first thing you should do is to remain calm. DO NOT PANIC! 

It is alright, and it can be resolved with your careful cooperation. 

So take a deep breath and calm down. 

Let us try some ways to get the stubborn popcorn kernel out of your throat. 

  • Drink Water 

That’s right, try drinking some water. 

Fill your mouth with water, tilt your head, and forcefully swallow the sip. The pressure you apply will actually help take the popcorn kernel along with the water all the way down. 

Repeat the same procedure a few times until you are free of the stuck feeling in your throat. 

It doesn’t work? That’s okay; we’ve got more ways to deal with the issue. 

  • Have a Soft Drink 

Soft drinks are rich in frizz. Their frizz will dislodge stuck foreign particles/objects when traveling down. 

Choose a drink with high frizz. 

Take a few sips and forcefully swallow by tilting the head down to your neck. 

If the kernel does not seem to go away, drink a thicker liquid this time. Such as milk. 

Similarly, swallow a few sips forcefully. 

Let us level up the game if the popcorn kernel is still stuck in the throat passage. 

  • Eat 

We know that can be hard. 

We meant to eat a few selected foods to help dislodge the stuck popcorn kernel. 

Let us begin with a soft bread piece. Choose the central part and have a big piece. Do not chew it but swallow it. 

Switch to rice if the bread doesn’t work. Have a sticky ball of rice. (Not too big. It can end up choking you). Again do NOT chew. 

Swallow a big piece of banana if rice does not work.

If nothing changes, swallow a piece of tortilla (a big one).

Hopefully, the kernel will go down with these swallowed foods due to the pressure and size.

It is not deadly if it doesn’t, though. 

If the kernel remains in the throat after all the food attempts, it has stuck strong. 

  • Drink Oil 

Not just any oil. Go for olive oil

As the popcorn kernel is stuck firmly, let’s try to demote its grip strength of it by counter-attacking. 

Olive oil is very slippery, and it is safe to consume. 

Have a sip of it and forcefully swallow it. The slipperiness of the oil will help loosen the grip of the kernel and thereby dislodging it from the throat. 

  • Eat Egg Yolk

Egg yolk works the same as olive oil. Do not eat cooked egg yolk. Try a half-boil or a raw one. 

As you forcefully swallow wit, the slipperiness and thickness will help remove the stuck popcorn kernel. 

Don’t worry if it doesn’t. We got more solutions. 

  • Cough and Swallow

It will work! Repeatedly cough and swallow until the kernel disappears and gives back your comfort. 

Cough a couple times and swallow forcefully. And keep repeating the procedure until the issue is resolved. 

If there is no improvement after numerous tries, let’s get into our ultimate first aid given for people like you who get things stuck in their throats. 

  • Try Heimlich Maneuver 

Try what?? Well, Heimlich maneuver is a first aid given to people that get foreign objects stuck in their esophagus (the tube that takes in food in your stomach). 

Now, let’s learn how you can perform the Heimlich maneuver to get the popcorn kernel out of the passage. 

You will need another person to perform this on you. 

Let the other person stand behind you and put their hands around your waist. The person should tightly grasp their wrist, on the one hand, using the other hand. The hold should be tight. 

Now you, take a breath and calm down. 

Before we start, ensure the person’s hands are wrapped around your upper abdomen and that you are calm and comfortable. 

Once ready, let the person thrust their hand upwards and apply pressure. Do not be very hard and apply massive pressure as it can be dangerous to the ribs. 

The pressure applied this way can let the lungs force air out, which will help the kernel blow out. 

The first attempt isn’t everything. Try it a few more times. You may feel nauseous and even vomit due to the continuous pressure applied in the upward direction. (As long as the kernel comes out, it should be manageable, isn’t it?) 

Drop the attempts if there is no sign of change. 

  • Go to ER 

The final thing you can do to resolve the issue is to consult the doctor and go to the ER. The doctor will help remove the popcorn kernel from your throat safely. 

He will also prescribe the required medicines if your throat ends up irritated. (It will be painless with anesthetics, so act fast) 


Getting a popcorn kernel may sound like a simple problem, but it can lead to more significant issues if you do not resolve it in time. 

Try the above-given solutions to get the stuck popcorn kernel out of your throat. If nothing works, please consult the doctor as soon as possible. We do not want a more serious health hazard, do we? 

So please make your way into the ER without ado. Instead, do not try poking into your throat with different tools without expertise, as it can lead to other potential dangers. 

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