How Many Protein Shakes A Day [A MUST READ GUIDE]

How many protein shakes a day

Protein shakes are much easier to drink from a blender rather than preparing a whole fresh meal. Much convenient for busy fitness enthusiasts who are cautious about taking the right amount of proteins. Also suitable for those who tend to lose weight. Protein shakes play a vital role for vegan athletes who don’t want to consume animals proteins. Most protein shakes are delicious, so people tend to drink them as a smoothie. But how many protein shakes a day? How much lead to too much?

So why protein shakes? 

So why protein shake when we can consume proteins and other micronutrients from the whole meal? The reason is that taking protein shakes is a more efficient way to get protein intake. Also, it comes in various flavours to make it delicious.

How “much” is necessary? How many protein shakes a day? 

People who are passionate about fitness are prone to following the craze of the healthy world by reading fitness blogs and watching YouTube videos to obtain adequate protein to build muscles or reduce weight. So how many protein shakes a day? So, a person can take more than one Protein shake a day, but the main question is whether there is a probable cause for taking more than one?

Depending upon the type of protein shakes and body type of the person consuming, the number of protein shakes may vary. Studies show that 2 g per kg BW (bodyweight) per day of protein is considered safe for the human body, but more significant than that leads to many health problems.

Using protein shakes to lose weight

Usually, people consume protein shakes after work out or before work out in 2-3 servings depending upon their goals. So if a person needs to consume 180g of Protein one day, he’ll take 50-60 g of protein in 2 to 3 servings. Studies do not prove it because it depends upon the person’s body type.

Advantages of protein shake

One of the significant advantages is that it is convenient to prepare a whole meal to help you lose weight and lose your appetite for unhealthy junk foods. Studies show that people who tend towards protein are most likely to have fewer food cravings though they feel complete with shakes.               

Calculating the protein requirement

Your daily protein intake depends upon your age, gender, your goal, and physical ability. A person who is aiming towards lean mass without getting fat tends towards consuming more protein. But how many protein shakes a day for that person to attain his desired goal. Several websites are available online on the internet, such as a protein calculator, which tells you how much protein is required per day to divide your protein shakes and meals accordingly.

Mistakes with the Protein shakes

The problem with a protein shake is that drinking too much will cause you to skip your regular meal because a whole meal contains many more various range micronutrients essential for the human body no matter how strict your diet plan is. So the protein shake neither counts as a substitute as staple food nor as a whole meal. Consuming a protein shake in the long run and skipping your meal is not suitable for your health. Although protein shakes can make you feel full because it gives you enough fuel to the body, replacing it with a meal is not a good option. Moderation in a regular diet is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Consuming too much or less protein will cause more harm than good.

Also, protein shakes are liquid nutrients, and taking in severe amounts will lead to constant changes of your stool, and you may suffer from diarrhoea (intestinal bacterial infection). Further, it leads to calcium deficiency, which may lead to the weakening of bones. Also, from its consumption person will have too many toxins in their bodies. Most protein powder contains toxins like lead, and consuming it three times a day will adversely affect it.

Based on gender

With the calories, men take more calories than women. Although there is no such distinction, CDC recommends that men consume 56 grams of protein per day and women need to consume  46 grams of protein per day.

Alternative: Natural vs Powder Protein

Professional athletes have the benefit of having a nutritionist and dietician with them. It is them who precisely plans out every meal and snack. If you don’t have the same level of expert assistance, you could find yourself committing some straightforward blunders. As a result, natural proteins can get found in several places. Natural proteins may get found in animal meals like chicken and fish and plant-based foods like lentils and nuts.


We hope these recommendations helped determine what type of protein consumption is necessary for your lifestyle. Protein, in whatever form – natural or artificial – is essential for our bodies to grow properly. Natural protein sources include all of the necessary carbohydrates, nutrients, and minerals, but they may not contain all the needed amino acids. Protein powders and protein bars, on the other hand, are synthetic sources of protein. They include all of the necessary amino acids in the proper amounts. Though protein supplements such as protein smoothies or protein bars are more convenient, natural sources are always preferred.

Remember, the amount of protein intake to stay alive and the amount of protein intake to achieve desire goals are two different things. Protein shakes are the best way for your protein intake, but excessiveness leads to adverse effects, and if a person consumes too much, protein shakes will damage their liver and kidneys.

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