How Long Do Porcelain Fillings Last

How Long Do Porcelain Fillings Last


Porcelain filling is one method of filling the cavities present in the teeth. Porcelain is a compound of non-crystalline glass that dentists make using oxygen and silicon. Dentist shades this porcelain filling to get the color of your tooth. In this article, you will learn how long do porcelain fillings last. Cavities are a common problem that a vast range of adults will have.

You can choose several types of filling options to fill the cavity. You often will not like to remove the tooth even if there is a cavity because implanting will be costly, and no one like to lose their tooth if they aren’t able to plant one. But, science has come up with a solution for cavities, which is the filling method where the dentist will not remove your tooth.

You might have seen people complaining when their tooth fillings remove quickly. When filling the cavity, you must often go for an option that will be durable. In this article, you will see how long do porcelain fillings last. There are varieties of tooth filling which may look different from each other according to the materials present in them. The durability of the tooth filling will also differ according to the filling you use.

What Are Porcelain Fillings

You can use the porcelain filling to treat cavities or any minor damages to your teeth. The porcelain filling with high-grade ceramic is stronger than the other types of filling. Since porcelain filling is hard, you must consult an experienced dentist to fill your cavity or damage without causing any harm to your teeth. Sometimes you will end up cracking your teeth if you don’t get the help of a professional to fix the issue.

Often the patient is concerned about the durability of the filling, and therefore, they prefer porcelain filling. By reading the article will find how long do porcelain fillings last. There are two types of porcelain filling: inlay filling and onlay filling. Let’s also look briefly at these two types of porcelain fillings.

  • Inlay Porcelain Filling

If you go for inlay porcelain filling, the dentists will customize a filling that will fit the cavity or damage you have. Once the inlay porcelain filling is complete, it will look similar to the other teeth. If you have broken or fractured teeth, teeth decay, large filling, or cracks in your filling, you can use an inlay filling to fix the issue.

For an inlay filling, you will have to consult the dentist twice. In the first visit, the dentist will clean the teeth well and then lay a temporary filly until the dental laboratory makes the porcelain filling that will perfectly fit your teeth. On the second visit, the dentist will lay the porcelain filling. This method will be durable.

  • Onlay Porcelain Filling

The partial crown is another term you can call the onlay porcelain filling. You can use the onlay filling if the teeth have severe damage due to accidents or if you have large cavities. The onlay filling also has the same benefits as the inlay filling. During onlay filling, you may have to fix the effect in the chewing cusp, which the dentist will not do in an inlay filling. You will also have to visit the dentist twice to complete the filling.

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How Long Do Porcelain Fillings Last

Now let’s come to the essential part of the article, which is about how long do porcelain fillings last. When there is a cavity, it is often painful and annoying at times. You will have to get rid of the pain from these cavities by removing the teeth or filling them. Removing the teeth is not a good option. Therefore, most people go for a filling. You will not be satisfied if the filling removes quickly and you face the same problem again, so all the patients often ask about the durability of the filling as they want it to last longer. Let’s look at how long do porcelain fillings last.

The lifespan of a tooth filling will depend on the filling you choose. If you are going for a porcelain tooth filling, its will last around 15 to 20 years since it is vital. Most of the other types of filling will last for about ten years. Porcelain fillings last long due to the high-quality material that the dental laboratory uses to make them. Although there is a 15 to 20 years life span for porcelain filling on average, it may change due to specific reasons, and we will discuss these in the next part of the article.

What Are The Factors That Affects The Lifespan Of Porcelain Filling

Here are some factors due to which the durability of your porcelain filling may change,

  • Your eating habits will affect the health of the tooth and the tooth filling. Eating hard food may reduce the lifespan of the porcelain filling as it will put too much pressure on the filling.
  • You must maintain proper dental hygiene. Improper maintenance may affect the durability of your tooth filling.
  • During accidents or other traumas, if your teeth get damaged, your filling may get removed, or the durability will be less.
  • The teeth around the filling may start to decay, and most probably in this case, any filling will not last long, including the porcelain filling.
  • Some people have the habit of grinding their teeth when sleeping. This habit of grinding teeth may reduce the lifespan of your tooth filling.

Hence proper maintenance will make the tooth filling last long, while the factors mentioned above will tend to reduce the durability of the filling.

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Advantages Of Porcelain Filling

  • The durability is more compared to other fillings.
  • Porcelain filling will provide a natural look to a tooth.
  • Lack of use of mercury and other metals.

Disadvantages Of Porcelain Filling

  • To complete the filling, you must at least go to the dental treatment twice.
  • The porcelain filling is expensive, and not everyone prefers to spend much on tooth filling.
  • Since the process is long, it may be time-consuming.

This article on how long do porcelain fillings last might have made you understand about the durability, advantages and disadvantage of porcelain fillings. You might also know about the factors that will affect the lifespan of the tooth filling. We hope this article was helpful!


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